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Robo Hobo is now available for play! How to Retool Critical Chance. There's many that don't like the random nature of critical damage and it currently hamstrings item development because of how chance works. The idea is to increase inhand damage without increasing ability damage proportionally and this is the simplest explanation for people that understand crit.

Retool all of the critical items to provide just critical bonus damage. This evens out the damage and makes all critical items useful and the level of bonus damage provided more easily determined.

You might as well remove crit and change the damage to percentage dealt additionally, like Hydra's. You'd have to rework all but Golden Bow as well. That's kind of the point exactly. And Hydra's is like a weak ability triggered crit. Just like polynomicon is an ability triggered crit. This change would remove the randomness of crit and make crit items less all or nothing since having a very small crit chance isn't worthwhile if you aren't going to stack more.

This got grandfathered into the genre sadly. Crit chance is here to stay. Even when LoL removed literally every other element of randomness from the game, they kept crit chance and I don't think Smite is going to do anything different.

That's interesting, because I would have suggested somewhat the opposite: This would still be luck based though and the entire point was to remove luck from the equation while adding a stat that improves inhand damage without proportionally effecting ability damage. There are other annoying randomization factors in the game I'd like to see gone before crit chance. By sequential I mean no misses in between and within a small time frame.

Then you can have items that reduce the number of hits needed or increase damage. And steroid abilities that make so every 2nd is a crit, or all crits. It doesn't even need to be sequential. It could just be a debuff that increases the damage of the next attack or a stacked debuff that does damage once the stacks reach a certain count. If it was a non-unique debuff then multiple items could apply stacks which would effectively stack it faster.

If it started at 10 stacks for the bonus damage and different items applied stacks at different rates you'd have the same effect but it'd be more backloaded than random crit.

Hydras Lament proc can crit itself, making it more random then normal crit, since not the amount of crits in a fight matter, but if the first attack after an ability matter. Having a small crit chance is worthwile! Also the fact, that it is bursty and unpredictable makes it better, when going for a kill, since it can surprise the enemy!

The whole point was to remove the randomness. Yes, random damage spikes are awesome but they also introduce randomness to the outcome and lower the importance of skill. HiRez wont do this, because even though they say they wanted to increase the number of viable builds, they basically took the unicorn build out back and put a bullet in it's head, and made crit the only viable option. Hi-Rez is not the first developer I met that engaged in a quarrel with experienced players complaining about random crits.

SMNC from Uberent forums had the same discussion over and over. Basically, it boils down to pandering to low-skilled players. They sure would feel satisfied with their "mad skillz" when that happens. So crits make the game more newbie-friendly as some fights are decided by a dice throw. That's what they want and that's why they destroyed the Unicorn build. Hunters already have a high skill cap due to being very squishy, very easy to juke, etc. But honestly, there was no reason for them to kill the Unicorn build if they weren't going to add in another build.

By nerfing the main part of the build Qin's not only did they knock Osiris out of the game almost completely, they also killed said build. Some people also think Loki was nerfed by the change, but in reality he was buffed.

His basic attack damage is already ludicrously high, so by changing Hydra's, they made it to where he actually does MORE damage, along with the change to pen boots since Loki doesn't use AS.

Not necessarily reacting right to randomness also needs skill. When you fight an enemy with crit if he gets 2 early crits you need to back off. If he does not get crits you need to attack since you will most likely win. Making this decision in a short amount of time requires skill as well. Also when the outcome of a fight depends on the probability of 1 attack to crit, this randomness will cancel each other out when playing enough games. You could land basic attacks in a row without critting, or land 5 in a row and kill a tank from full health.

SMNC had a lot of problems related to randomness besides the crits, and despite the ridiculously high skill ceiling of that game, it clearly was not meant to be considered a "hardcore" MOBA.