Options trading calls and puts

Options trading calls and puts means that the person who buys the contract from me premium Rs. A example if on a intraday basis the Nifty moves up by 10 points how does this get captured less brokerage and transaction charges when trading the Nifty Call Option ,for example in the first step on intraday basis the Nifty Call Option is brought then in the next step on the same trading day this position is squared off ,pl explain on intraday basis. November 10, at 5:

July 17, at 6: Even if we r there we may miss the trade id doing some thing else at the time we are suppose to trade or squareoff the tyrade. December 27, at 7:

December 27, at 2: This article is about financial options. September 2, at Might be, I am not able to get what u explained and I am really sorry for asking it again.

July 13, at 7: The CE premium opened the day at Rs. This depends on your strategy. But after reading your article I have developed basic understanding about it.

May 9, at 5: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. And should I hold the options contract in normal, as I expect the market to go down and earn profits till the contract expires? November 14, options trading calls and puts 6:

What is square off in options? I have seen today on 28th Octboth call and put options premiums are going up. December 12, at 5:

August 29, at 8: Little confusing kindly clarify me. How to decide whether to buy call option or sell a put option as both are for bullishsimilarly sell a call option or buy a put option as both are for bearish.