Options and futures option trading basics india

December 31, at 7: July 13, at 7: One more clarification I want to get is that the options are exercised means we have buy the underlying asset or the price difference will be adjusted in cash in case of the share market? September 19, at 6:

As you have mentioned in the module Call Optionsthe loss is limited to the premium that we paid. However check this link for option calculator — http: But the answer to your query is because of Volatility.

April 11, at 4: HI, sir I have read this module…. Suggest you read through this module to get a fair sense of how it works.

August 13, at 5: December 12, at 3: For this reason we will start from scratch and slowly ramp up as we proceed.

January 18, at 4: August 12, at OR a normal stock purchase transaction on expiry day will be treated as exercise? July 20, at 1:

You may also want to check out the module on TA for drawing inference on price movement — https: All our content is made available for free online. If i buy a call rs 8. Hi, sir Please explain this Interpretation when Iv is high premium would be high and vice versa.

Is there any tool to find out that? Bank Nifty is just a representation of the banking sector, which is a subset of Nifty. You are doing extremely good job.

Do We need to square off the position on expiry day to exercise the option or is it automatic if we are in the money? August 12, at Hence there are no negative surprises for him. However if you were to compare the liquidity in Indian stock options with the international markets, we still have a long way to catch up. Hence for this reason it makes sense to calculate beta of Bank Nifty.