How to evolve graveler fire red without trading options

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Registration is simple, fast, and completely free. Good Attack stat and move pool for type coverage poor special attack and ev training in attack would sweep the opponent away in no time. With Shadow Ball And Return And With an advantage with rest and snore and good defensive stats,with the item leftovers,he is almost unstoppable.

Raichu Magnet Trait - Static. Dugtrio is the ultimate revenge killer with great Speed and Attack and pretty powerful attacks and helps out with Lt. Dragon Claw hits off of Charizard's higher Special Attack and provides perfect neutral coverage with Flamethrower.

Return is a high powered attack with a lot of PP. So it is good for ingame use. Fly is one of those HMs that I couldn't do without. Fly is a good move for ingame use, as your opponent will never switch out. And with solid offense and solid Speed, in addition to Vital Spirit no sleep clause ingame can get you Primeape is a solid addition to any team.

Earthquake is high powered coverage. Thief can hit the Gengar line but its main use is to steal items from Wild Pokemon. Strength is an HM move. Sludge Bomb is one of the most powerful attacks this thing gets. Rock Smash is an HM move. Exeggutor or VilePlume - Exeggutor: Preferably Bug instead of Psychic because the Champion's Last Pokemon is Alakazam which is Psychic meaning choosing a Psychic type can result to ineffectiveness.

Preferred Bug Types Beedrill: High Speed, can over come Alakazam Moveset: Hydro Cannon will also do but It makes Blastoise recharge but it is still up to you. Replacing Withdraw with Protect will also Do. Thunder Attack cannot miss in Rainy Weather. Agility increases Dragonite's quite low Speed. Level all your Pokemon to level 60 - 70 before challenging the Elite Four. Route 15 is an excellent training ground. Use your VS Seeker. In challenging the Elite Four their Pokemon's levels ranges from levels Loreli - Ice Type You need: Bruno - Fighting Type You need: Water type for his Steelix.

Agatha - Ghost Type You need: Lance - Dragon Type You need: Alakazam or Kadabra Ability: Golem or Graveler Ability: Gengar or Haunter Ability: That being said, the team I have here has worked for me in the past and covers most types. Venusaur has an average move set to go along with typical starter base stats His stats are well rounded and make him a solid starter, despite many weaknesses 6. Due to these weaknesses, I do not even bother with coverage moves, like I will with the rest of my team.

The Overgrow ability along with a Miracle Seed make his grass type moves borderline unstoppable. He is "The Legendary Pokemon" for good reason, as he has the second highest base stat total in Fire Red, behind only Dragonite Arcanine has SolarBeam is complete personal coverage, and paired with Sunny Day will attack in one turn.

Further, Sunny Day will increase the effectiveness of his other Fire type moves. Overall, Arcanine is significantly better than Charizard, and allows me to use Venusaur, who is the best grass type available. Gyarados has slightly better stats to but suffers from poor Special Attack, which water moves are. I almost never use Flying or Normal type moves with him, so his high Attack stat is useless to me.

In this case, though, Earthquake DOES take advantage of his high attack stat and provides some defense against deadly Electric type moves, even if just for one turn. It stands alone, however, as the only fighting type move in my entire lineup, so I see it as somewhat important to have. Dragonite is simply too good to leave off of your team, though the time it takes to train Dragonair is painful.

In the end, all of that seemingly wasted experience will yield the most destructive Pokemon in the game, disregarding legendaries. Thus, going back to Brick Break, it does cover two weaknesses, including the 4x Super-Effective Ice type, but Flamethrower can as well, though it leaves Rock and Electric Types wide open to wail on Dragonite.

I recommend hitting Triple 7's over and over again, and getting the Dratini in Celadon or use the Safari Zone and then equipping it with a Dragon Fang or Leftovers to make him as powerful as possible. I hate both of Rhydon's ability. Lightning Rod is only effective in Double battles, but Rock Head has no use to me at all, since I don't use Take Down or any other move with recoil. This particular Rhydon's move set is my personal favorite, as 4 different types of moves are used.

Therefore, Rhydon serves as my main coverage Pokemon, and can also defend himself from many types of enemies. That being said, there are many other suitable replacements for Rhydon, and I am interested to see what others use, as I am not sold on using Rhydon, due to his relatively low stats overall, especially compared to the aforementioned replacements.

That being said, his insane Special Attack and Speed ensure that you will have the first chance at damaging the foe, and generally with life-threatening damage.

If you plan to use him as a primarily Ghost type Pokemon, then be sure to EV train for Attack that corresponds with the 2nd move set and Speed. If not, then EV train for Special Attack. Speed is vital if Destiny Bond is going to be in the move set because it gives the foe no time to stop using damaging attacks if used first, as the foe will attack 2nd after Destiny Bond has been used and likely cause itself to faint.

That's all I've got. Please give any tips or suggestions. Although I have been playing this game for a lot of my childhood, and more so since I gave up on the newer games Gen 5 and further since they seemed pretty lame, I am relatively new to the more competitive nature where EV's, moves, coverage, and natures matter I didn't include natures for time sake.

Thus, any ideas or things to consider would be greatly appreciated. I hope you like it and will consider it for in game use! It is a great team and I wrecked the entire game with it! My starter, obtained very early in the game. I found it hard to catch Fire type Pokemon in this version because they are very rare, also using Charizard helps me having one more slot for other Pokemon instead of a Flying type one.

Seadra - Water Ability: Using him to deal with other Dragon type gives him a big advantage since Dragon and Ice moves have normal effects on him, but remember his poor Sp. Honestly, I didn't mean to use him at first but when I bought him from the saleman in the PC near Mt.

Moon, he was a shiny Magikarp. Electrode - Electric Ability: His Speed and Defense outweight Raichu's and Jolteon's. Def in 5 turns, Flash uses for lighting up dark areas and lowering opponent's Accuracy or you can try using Thunder during Gyarados's Rain Dance. Primeape - Fighting Ability: I prefer him to Machamp because he looks more "Pokemon" than humanoid-Machamp.

Strength use for moving boulders and dealing massive damage, Rock Slide takes care of Flying weakness. Alakazam - Psychic Ability: Catching this guy may make you exhausted.

The Best Movepool from all the starters in the game. Has very high speed and attack stats and available very early and learns unquie moves that usually fighting types can't learn in level up and TMs. Has Very high defnse and attack stats and can protect on venusaur against fire types.

The Stornget flying Types in thr game not imclude Legandarys and dragon types. Learns Useful moves in levrl up and TMs. The Speedst Electric type for sweeping opponet like the speed of the light. Has Very wide movepool in TMs and level up and has very useful typing and high stats and can sweep battles very easily. Psychic if it cant. Att move Jolteon can learn Thunder wave - paralysis Protect - good for figuring out if your opponent knows Earthquake. Its a slow battle, but you wont lose.

Flame thrower to take down some ice, grass, steel and bug type can be used against Erica and Lorelei. Earthquake takes down electric, fire, poison rock and steel. Dragon rage can be used against lance in elite 4. Flash is to pass the rock tunnel. Seismic toss can be used to take down normal types. Super fang is used for survival. Keeping Raticate in team is useful as it covers most of HMs. Mega horn and brick break if you choose nidoking and super power and shadow ball if you choose nidoqueen.

Dig is useful during battles as well as outside battles. Ice beam and hyper beam is for dragonite and shadow ball solar beam is for snorlax. Both covers a lot of type. So it is useful. How to change your username How to add a user avatar Why was my post hidden? Six Pokemon are required and while legendaries can be suggested, do remember that many people do not like using them because of how easy it makes the game.

You might also want to keep the starter. Moves are required for each Pokemon. You should make sure to take into account that some people cannot trade, nor do they want to use cheating devices such as AR. As such, suggesting Machamp or giving multiple Pokemon the Earthquake attack when they can only learn it by TM is not a good idea. Pokemon Gold was released along with Pokemon Silver, just like the first generation. Can you trade Pokemon between iPhones?

Edit Article How to Evolve Graveler. You can only trade between games of the same Generation. The Universal Pokemon Randomizer is a program which will give you a new experience playing Pokemon games. In the same vein as previously released randomizers, it.

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