Gcc e-options brokerage

If not found there, it is searched for in the remainder of the include "…" search chain as normal. If the value is less gcc e-options brokerage 1 or greater thanthe option is ignored. Both kinds of output go to the standard output file.

See the gcc e-options brokerage and -ansi options. Assembler OptionsPrevious: If the -P flag is present in the command line, this option has no effect, since no line directives are emitted whatsoever.

Track locations of tokens across macro expansions. With both -E and gcc e-options brokeragethe rules for -fpreprocessed take precedence. Process file as if include "file" appeared as the first line of the primary source file. Says to gcc e-options brokerage debugging dumps during compilation as specified by letters. These are the extensions that GCC uses for preprocessed files created by -save-temps.

If not found there, it is searched for in the remainder of the include "…" search chain as normal. When used gcc e-options brokerage CPP or with -Eit dumps debugging information about location maps. Inhibit generation of linemarkers in the output from the preprocessor. In conjunction with an option such gcc e-options brokerage -M requesting dependency generation, -MG assumes missing header files are generated files and adds them to the dependency list without raising an error.

Like gcc e-options brokerage but do not mention header files that are found in system header directories, nor header files that are included, directly or indirectly, from such a header. See Gcc e-options brokerage Optionsfor more information. You should not write this pragma in your own code, but it is safe to edit the filename if the PCH file is available in a different location.

If you want multiple targets, you can specify them as a single argument to -MTor use multiple gcc e-options brokerage options. It is switched on by -save-temps. Other preprocessor operations, such as macro expansion and trigraph conversion are not performed.

Passing -M to the gcc e-options brokerage implies -Eand suppresses warnings with an implicit -w. The result is the target. This option is only useful for debugging GCC.