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RSI 55 is also approaching our ascending support line and a bounce […]. A strong reaction might occur below this level, pushing price down to our major support at 1. Stochastic 89,5,3 is also seeing a bearish divergence and is approaching our […].

A strong drop might occur at this level, pushing price down to our major support at Stochastic 55,5,3 is approaching our major resistance and we might see a corresponding drop in price should react […]. Price is approaching our first support at A strong bounce might occur at this level, pushing price up to our major resistance at A breakout of our intermediate resistance at Price is reacting off our first resistance at 0. Stochastic 55,5,3 is also reacting off our major resistance, a good precursor […].

Risk appetite returned to the markets on Tuesday, as the conciliatory tone of Hee at the economic forum in China allowed to believe in the retreat of global risks. Price is approaching our first support at 1. A strong bounce might occur at this level, pushing price up to our major resistance at 1. RSI 89 is also […]. Price is testing our first support at 1. A strong bounce might occur above this level, pushing price up to our major resistance at 1.

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After all, you have to learn how to crawl before you can walk. Larry Greenberg presents forex news from different countries and markets all over the world, analysis of current events. The author of this blog is called Andrei. Here you can find forex news, updates on forex software, technical lines. Lior Cohen gives analysis, forecasts, news and more, about everything related to oil, gold, commodities.

James Wooley describes forex strategies, shares forex trading ideas. Jay Norris writes about psychological effects of forex trading, trading patterns, technical analysis and much more.

Casey Stubbs at Winners Edge Trading, with an analysis of the top currency pair: It is maintained by Yohay Elam since Forex blog — Forex trading blog for beginners and those who have just started to be interested in Forex. This blog is totally dedicated to the Forex market, and contains articles starting with the most common errors of new traders to trading psychology.

Blog of the trader on the American stock exchange. Express trading, auction results, demo access to the exchange market. This resource contains not only a lot of training for Forex, but also a large number of trading strategies, indicators and expert advisors. Most of the articles of this blog are accompanied by quality videos in HD format, where the author shows how it all works in reality. In the maze of the market. The purpose of the blog is to show the possibilities of online business in the Internet network, including information about trading in the FOREX market and the stock market of the USA.

Blog of the trader Stanislaus Bernuhov , which trades futures and currencies. Experience, psychology of a trader, successful techniques and tactics. Motivational structure of maintenance the blog of the top forex bloggers is multicomponent self-development, systematization of the accumulated information in the form of a database , however, as the main factor motivating the trader to do this, we can indicate the desire to have significant numbers on the access counter and, consequently, to obtain additional income by writing posts focused on search queries what is called SEO articles.

Within the framework of the affiliate program the broker pays the blogger for such a recommendation the percentage of the commission received from the referred customer. Attracting of traders to the affiliate program by the way, we recommend you to choose a reliable broker, who has decent commissions and stable payments , selling your training course or paid consultations — all this helps to create not time-consuming but permanent source of income. Some traders become managers of PAMM accounts and share not only their trade results, but also give a description of the trading strategy on the blogs.

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