Esma and cysec suggests bonus ban binary options regulations

CySec issues regulatory Regulations for Binary Options. Recently, CySEC has called for stricter binary options regulations against the aggressive marketing techniques used by brokers to sell binary options.

In the world of online trading, Binary Options are radically different from other conventional options. It is a type of options contract in which the payouts will. CySEC Trading in binary options. Binary Options CySec Regulation: Page ContentsWhat is Binary?

CySEC announces regulation of binary option industry in cypress. SpotOption gets first license. CySec has received many complaints from binary options traders. CySec regulated brokers are not reliable anymore? What is the alternative? These reforms all sound really great and bring to mind a couple of things. This means that the brokers will have to change, and most of them will not be able to keep up.

The second thing I think of is that the type of trading these changes describe already exists. Reform Is On The Way Two of the biggest problems with binary options, for regulators and traders alike, is a serious lack of transparency and standardization within the industry.

Remove Opaque Strike Pricing — They propose to ban the current method of floating strike prices. The strikes will have to be listed before the trades are made, similar to ladders, and be the same for all traders.

Lift Restrictions On Exiting Trades — They propose to have all restrictions on exiting trades lifted. This ties into the pricing, there must be continual two way pricing where sellers know what they can get for closing at any time. All options will have at least 5 minutes of expiry. CySEC proposes to require all brokers to use the same, CySEC approved, settlement algorithm to calculate pricing and options values as they approach expiry and expire.