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List of Virtual Accounts This is our selection of 10 free demos based on our trading experience with these platforms. Our comparison tables offer a quick way to compare the services of some of the leading binary options brokers online, but there is a way to have an even closer look — open a demo trading account. Be especially wary if the demo sign-up process takes the form of a data-mining exercise — i.

Apps A growing segment of the demo account picture is for the full trading app experience to be available via a demo account app. Many platform providers claim to be able to keep you in the loop — where ever you are. Given the benefits of a demo account, it might be worth paying a deposit, particularly if it is a brand you want to check out — but tread carefully.

In some cases, the initial deposit can trigger a bonus, which may impact withdrawal limits. Find the right trade size, or perhaps specialise in particular assets. So here are the areas to focus on as you put the platform through its paces….

So here are the areas to focus on as you put the platform through its paces…. Unfortunately, not all brokers offer demo accounts and the list is shrinking. Not really useful demo account as you can trade only for 48 hours.

Brokers should also be proud to show off their platform and customer service, so traders should be able to use a demo account without deposit and with a simple sign up process. So while new methods are being tested, or existing processes tweaked, a demo account makes sense. A demo account should be a risk-free, no-obligation way of testing a platform.