Binary options skype group transparent service with signals and education

July edited July So respectively I think you do not need to take our system for a test drive as you have seen it, you have seen peoples attempts to copy it but not succeeding. This is not the place to market ok. Now my goal is to help other members in a way that BSB helped me. February edited February in Commercial Marketplace.

If he has a problem again he may contact me in Skype. To my suprise, I found the community, it's members and it's staff extremely helpful and friendly. As you know we have helped numerous people in this industry putting systems together this includes the Vc with COG that is discussed here that was started by us and developed by us in BOD.

You are clearly a racist, daddy issue child. And on other sites you pay for it? If you think you can show live trades and promote your system with screen sharing like me and Bryan, feel free because I doubt you would even attempt it.

And If I recall correctly I have helped and shared with you alot of things in the past. BSB lately became more concentrated on educating people and teaching them to trade and embrace the core and advanced strategies that have proven to work throughout time. If you like I could post your system here for review. Lol Lotz, First off I think you need to get your facts right.

Real trading is often very dull and its really more about good money management and discipline then anything. Money has little value to me I will say always spend as much of it as you can on your loved ones as often as possible at least that is what I have been instructed to say by her July edited Binary options skype group transparent service with signals and education The reason many market is because they can't trade for themselves. I joined BSB quite in the beginning of creation many months ago, with the goal of receiving professional trading signals and knowledge.