Best business ideas in dubai

In UAE, the law and business environment support start-ups. Some start-ups need higher time to settle and high licensing fees. While some start-ups require a less licensing fee. So the wise idea is to have a business idea with high demand and less licensing fees.

Planning to open a business in Dubai? People have good income and time in UAE to have dined out frequently. A small scale restaurant targeting specific cuisine or combination of various cuisine can make your restaurants bit popular among the people living there. Even idea of opening food truck around will be good as a business idea in UAE. Especially in Dubai region. Keeping low cost and tasty and healthier food will always attract people around.

So try this as people love to try new food and new cuisine. Once your restaurant makes a name among people you will touch the clouds of success. There are many people who are working daily and cannot afford to cook for them on the daily basis.

Having fast food is neither good for health and nor affordable. This will surely get you into a good business. Though there are many such businesses already running but due to high growth of business development your this business will not fail. Not only Dubai is the famous tourist destination but there are many other places too in Emirates.

The travel sector is yet developing more as people are interested to have exotic weekend trips and vacation. So, why not grab the opportunity in this sector and make great deals. There are thousands of people who graduate every year in this nation and then start searching for a job, you can help them and build your own business out of it by providing them with the relevant information about new vacancies and entry-level jobs or internship opportunities through a media or online platform.

Job consultancy services in one of popular idea for small business in Dubai. While the markets are coming up with new products every day whether it is cell phone or cars, there is a huge demand for pre-owned products as well which are in good condition. Moreover, when a person is selling his 1-year-old cell phone, he would expect at least some percentage of the amount he paid for the phone back by selling in an open market.

You can buy the product and sell it to another customer by keeping some profit percentage with you. The best way to do this business would be building an online site for the trade to take place.

You can also provide services like customer survey and information collection for better business. As the per capita income of the economy is really high, fashion and accessories are one of the most sought-after products in the country. There are many analysts who are anticipating this economy to be the next fashion capital of the world. Therefore, investing in the fashion industry is anticipated to be profitable in the present scenario. You can open an online site where you can have a range of fashion products that are from apparels to jewelry and other accessories to grab the attention of the customers.

Service people face most of the hassle while leaving for work every morning which is regarding what food to take for the lunch. Even the college goers who stay alone puzzle up their mind over what to eat on a daily basis. So, if you love food and you love to make people eat, you can build an app where customers can book orders beforehand and then you can arrange the food and deliver to their doorstep. You have to collaborate with the nearby food joints and the restaurants for daily orders.

Networking is necessary for every field whether you are in business or in service. In Dubai, with the growing stress on sectors other than oil, people are now looking to connect with people of similar interest. And if you are good in PR, you can start an online portal where people with a different interest can connect with others who have the similar interest. You can also add details related to various events going on in the cities in which the members can participate.

You can also extend your services to PR and HR services as well. E-book or online reading has been a popular phenomenon in Dubai as well as in the rest of the Middle East countries since when half of the world was unaware of what it is. Now, also a huge market share of online book publishing and reading comes from this side of the world.

You as an investor or traders can invest into publishing on online books, selling of hard copies to generate revenues. One idea that you can consider is targeting a specific age group and publishes or sells books according to the requirement of that particular age group. Real estate is amongst the top few sector of this economy with many major constructions done which are famous across the globe.

This is one of the most profitable markets in Dubai at the current times. Though the market has declined in the previous financial year there is still provision for making a profit out of it. The residential projects are reaping good money as of now in which you can invest. Millennial across the globe are now different from the earlier generations. These people are not risk averse in nature and thus there are so many startups ideas we are coming up. But they need information which you need to supply on a constant basis.

You can build an app which will have different information ranging from businesses, jobs, market analysis, investments, investors, and guides to facilitate the journeys of a millennial to a millionaire. As mentioned earlier, retail is a primary business for the people of Dubai. You can invest in this sector and be assured of reaping profits but if you want to be specific about your product you can focus on the needs of the parents especially the mothers. Travel and tourism are one of the fastest growing sectors in this nation and there is a chunk of revenue which is coming from this sector every year which is increasing the GDP of the economy.